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Cost Of Solar Panels Sacramento

Jan 12

Solar panels have lifetime productivity and low maintenance costs.

Although solar panels are good for the environment, they have been considered expensive to install and maintain. In reality, the cost of installing and maintaining such systems is decreasing every year. Solar photovoltaics have been an affordable and efficient alternative to electricity for ten years.

Are solar panels too expensive to maintain? Are solar panels easy to maintain? This blog will discuss how to invest in solar energy and how to maintain them over the lifetime of their free, renewable energy-generating power.

Solar Installation Costs

The cost of Solar Panels Sacramento is primarily expensive because of the cost of products and installation. The average cost of converting a residential home into a solar residential home is $35,000 to $50,000 depending on the type of system purchased and their energy requirements.

Solar Sacramento now guarantees the production of solar energy from your system or we will pay the difference!


Current Electricity Cost

It is important to compare solar electricity prices with traditional electricity. While electricity prices vary from one state to the next, it's still useful to compare national averages. The highest average price per kWh in Hawaii is $0.2872/kilowatt-hour (kWh), while Louisiana's lowest average is $0.0771/kWh. An average American household spends $0.1054 per kWh for a monthly average of 877kWh and a bill of $92.44 after taxes.


These costs can be offset by solar energy. Solar Sacramento evaluates your home and determines if it is suitable for solar energy.


Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs

An installed system will require little or no maintenance. There are very few costs that will continue to be incurred over the system's 25-30 year average lifespan. Monitoring issues, maintenance of wires (maybe a squirrel chewed through a wire), the installation of snow guards, or the inverter not communicating are some examples. Solar Sacramento can help you determine if this is something that would require us to be present on-site.


Clean Your Panels

Solar panels can experience a 1-2% annual degrading factor depending on the climatic conditions. They also may suffer an 8% production discount due to soiling effects. This is indicated on all datasheets and what the 25-year warranty covers.

Are you concerned about solar panel cleaning? Solar panels are self-cleaning. Yesterday's snowstorm was 1 foot in height. You don't have to worry about it, the sun shines, and melts the snow. Your panels are back in production.

Solar Sacramento also offers annual maintenance plans that can be combined with a purchase of a solar system.

Solar Installation is a sound investment

If you are considering going solar, or have already gone solar, the initial capital investment and the subsequent low maintenance costs of a panel system are worth it. There is an upfront investment, but financing options can be arranged. However, technological advances and more efficient equipment make these costs less affordable every day.

New systems will be more efficient and will last for longer than 30 years. The kWh cost will decrease and will remain a practical option to get consistent, reliable green energy.


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