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You Need to Know Everything About Solar Panel and Birds

Feb 28

You Need to Know Everything About Solar Panel and Birds

Solar panels offer a great way to reduce natural gas consumption and still provide the energy you need to support your family. You are contributing to the preservation of the planet. But you can also help yourself by becoming energy independent.

But what about the birds and other creatures that might try getting under your panels. Many people know that birds, small animals, and insects love nesting in our gutters and under our panels. What can we do about this?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your birds healthy as well as your solar cells' life spans.


Solar panels have been proven to be beneficial for birds.

The burning of oil, natural gas, and coal accounts for nearly two-thirds of the U.S.'s electricity. These materials ignite and release carbon pollution. The blanket layer forms in the atmosphere trapping heat. This pollution can cause environmental problems worldwide, including the need for birds to migrate to new locations to live and to feed.

According to the Audubon Society, about two-thirds of North America’s birds could go extinct if temperatures don't drop.

Solar panels don’t need to be powered by natural gas or coal, but they do require sunlight.


Yes, solar power panels attract birds for a variety of reasons.

As with windows, solar panels have reflective surfaces that attract birds.

Solar panels also appeal to them for their safety. They love to nest under solar panels, as they provide warmth and cover from the weather elements.


Solar panels do NOT kill birds.

Birds find the reflective properties of solar panels attractive. The panels can often appear to be moving water when above. Some birds mistake the panels to be water bodies, and they attempt to get into the "water," which eventually leads them to drown or harm.

Many researchers have concluded that is an aquatic bird that tries to dive into solar panels.

While solar systems installed in residential areas will not experience this problem if they are not close to large bodies, there is still the possibility. Many researchers have used AI to track what kind of birds dive into solar panels to avoid this.

Reports of solar panel-related bird deaths have been exaggerated, regardless of what kind of birds they are. even supports photovoltaic solar power. The National Audubon Society is a non-profit environmental association that promotes bird communication and habitat preservation.

According to the Audubon Society "As with all renewable energy sources, the birds will benefit from reducing carbon dioxide emissions more than other concerns as long they are constructed with care."


Solar panel systems are typically designed with space between the panels and the roof, to allow for wiring and ventilation. Due to solar panels shading, small animals can nest under panels for shelter and safety.

Birds leave nests underneath solar panels and often leave bird droppings or broken eggs. This will reduce the airflow necessary for your solar panels to heat properly if they are left under them.

The bird feces may also be carried into your gutters. It can block your gutters and cause damage to your roof. If you aren't vigilant, an infestation of birds can cause blockages in your gutters that could lead to damage to your roof.

Bird droppings can build up under your panels as well as on top. This should be cleaned up immediately. The droppings could cause problems with your panels' effectiveness. They may also become hard to remove once they are heated.

As it turns to be, solar energy is helping to create brighter futures for birds, wildlife, the planet, and all life on earth. Take extra precautions to minimize the impact of your solar panels on birds and other wildlife.


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